18 November 2011

My Senior High School Story

Have lived in 3 different cities is great for me. Well I just wanna share my schools since Kindergarten level, but hard for me to find the photos. Seems I've to go to those schools myself. But since I'm not living in Pekalongan anymore, this need to be delayed first.

What I have is about my High School, here is the photos gallery.

SMAK Kesuma Mataram
Jalan Pejanggik 110 Cakranegara, Mataram, Lombok.

 My school

 My closest friends in high school
We are from XB and Science class!! 

From left to right : 

Emiliana Zsa Zsa YS
 (Now: Communication Student at Petra Christian University, Surabaya)

Jessy Selasih *Yeay it's me!*
(Now: Communication Student at Multimedia Nusantara University, Tangerang) 

Irene Devi
 (Now: Visual Communication Design Student at Binus University, Jakarta)

Ni Ketut Vivin Suganda
 (Now: Law Student at Mataram University, Mataram)

YES! we are now separated in 4 different university, in four cities, four provinces.
But  distances does't matter much.
 Miss u all girls.. xoxo

 This is my class in 12 grade.. The class that never sleep.. 

 My picture in 10 grade

But I have it no more, my teacher didn't gave it to me..
I miss this.. :(

 Hey girls!

Medi, Dhea, Mega, Devi
Cynthia, Jessy 

 Basketball team in 2010
Photoshoot for DBL 
Up: Weny, Jessy, Vanny, Kezia, Vania
Below: Rebecca, Bella, Shintya

Photoshoot just for fun.. :p

Complete team:
Shintya, Kezia, Vanny, Vania, Vivien, Putri (our beloved captain), Jessy, Lina, Weny, Mega

Photoshoot after we get the third place trophy.. :)

 Science 2 Study Group
We are so close since we study together for the National Exam since the beginning of 2011

From left to right:
Aloysius Yohannes Christian Bock
(Now: Information Technology Student at Binus University, Jakarta)

Ayu Wirastuti
(Now: Civil Engineering Student at Petra Christian University, Surabaya)

Me, again? of course, this is my photo.. hahahaha

Deni Defendi
(Now: International Business Management at Ciputra University, Surabaya)

Other members of our study group:
Rudi Sanjaya and Zakharia
Detik-Detik Ujian Nasional Books

And a lot more stories that always in my heart..
What a lovely Senior High School Life...


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