29 Desember 2010

Introducing our island "Lombok"

Well, I live in Lombok, a small island in Indonesia. Located in West Nusa Tenggara Province.
Perhaps people know about Bali, a beautiful island with a lot of well known tourism objects, Lombok is located right in the east of Bali.
Only with 15 minutes travel by plane or 3-4 hours by ferry from Bali, we can reach Lombok.
Do you know that Lombok has a number of tourism objects, too?
There are some of those beautiful views :
1. Senggigi Beach

2. Mawun Beach

3. Gili Air

4. Gili Nanggu

5. Gili Trawangan

6. Rinjani Mountain

7. Kuta Beach

8. Sendang Gile Waterfall

So, although Lombok hasn't been popular nor have such modern facilities as Bali, Lombok provides gorgeous places from the nature, isn't it?



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