21 Maret 2012

I am back

It has been 3 months since I wrote my last post about Gili... Well, that was posted the year before... Isn't it too late to start posting for 2012 in March? Nope, better than nothing. 

What's in 2012? 
To be honest, psychologically I'm not in great condition. I am good, so don't think I got something error in my brain, okay? LOL. I mean that I have too much to think. A lot, though I don't mean to.

So hard to keep these all just in mind. But, I cannot share 'em all. It's not about secret or something that I can't reveal. These are things that people don't want to hear a lot exactly whereas I keep thinking em, that people don't. Am I too introvert? Yes I am, but not too much. I've ever shared to my friends yet no response, is it that mine r unimportant, right?


Whatever, I'm still me.. :)


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