25 Maret 2012

Tomcat Journey @103

Many people talk about this small insect these days. The Paederus insect has been a hot topic for 2 weeks. I've just heard yesterday from my uncle's wife that it has reached BSD. Wow, I have to be careful a lot of course, as I was totally don't care about it. I think the issue was annoying enough, especially in Blackberry Messenger Broadcast. 

2 Hours ago, I was in my bathroom (my room is room 103) to wash clothes. I saw something small on the detergent plastic jar. And it's ORANGE-BLACK color, just like what I saw in internet. OMG, I shocked for some seconds. 
Suddenly I took Baygon, spray it, and I felt safe when the tomcat died. I don't intend to kill any animal. But, the condition said that I had to. 

Now on, watch out guys, especially people in UMN Dormitory, we've been invaded.


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